The first...

...eminently faithful rendition of Ayers Rock Conellan Airport, featuring it´s surroundings as the neighboring holiday village of Yulara and many other landmarks

1, 2 and 5 cm/pixel

Meticulously built ground textures based on thorough research


superb static planes unique to the location of Ayers Rock Airport

25000 sqkm

of prodigiously comprehensive photo scenery at 15, 30 and 60 cm/pixel resolution…

More than 200 sublimely handcrafted replicas of airport buildings, vehicles and clutter objects equipped with 2K & 4K-Textures, giving highest attention to details, featuring many animations and authentic Night textures

Several airport “scenes” like an animated business jet arrival with follow me car deployment featuring animated ground staff personell

Spectacular natural sites as the Ayers Rock or the Kata Jutja Stone massive (also known as the “Olgas”) which invite you to amazing VFR-Flights











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